Auroch Totem-Warrior

Jul 16 alkemy_the_game  

Motionless on his mat, tenderly holding a child in his enormous hands, he listened to the story of the shaman. His face was illuminated with a smug smile and his eyes shone with admiration while the shaman revived heroes Aurloks time of night. Also seeing the childish and despite his impressive muscles and his gigantic size, who would have thought it was a totem warrior so formidable enemy, stronger than the mountain and as powerful as the aurochs, his totem animal? Its sweetness goes to the brave men of his tribe while receiving his enemies his fury. Tomorrow the Avalonian warriors were noticing.

Before, I was like you: I was a fighter, a warrior-Tonnerre. But that was before they wear itthat steel does not find my wife and children. Before they do their what they did to them. That day, the Manitous have made me an empty addition, they filled with hatred. I can not hunt now because I can no longer to feel enough respect for prey: hunting is an act of serenity and not of rancor. I left my tribe because I had over my place, and I came here, where the war breath every day. Now my weapon shade longer than those who wear itSteel: I will not kill to feed myself, but to appease me. May the Manitous forgive me: I am a Warrior Totem!

During that conflict continue, as is currently the friction with Avalon, some brave forego hunting and devote themselves solely to the fight against the enemy. This implies a renunciation of peaceful lifestyle and taking into account many parameters ignored in a hunting context, as the strategy or the inclusion of plans developed from the enemy. Hunter becomes the Aurlok professional of war: a ayawisgiwopike, a warriortotem that chose to abandon the principle of respect for life since his job is now to kill. The Aurloks see these fighters with great mercy and compassion. We always take care of them and admire their sense of sacrifice, even if they never are the envy: for brave, give help to feed his tribe is a heavy sense of renunciation. This amounts to somehow exclude the natural cycle of life.
Most often, those who use this road do so only after a great misfortune that changed their lives, such as loss of loved ones. The choice of this warlike vocation is usually accompanied by great frustration, which amplifies their rage in battle. However, the war against Avalon gently evolve instead of the warriortotem in Aurlok society: these have indeed noticed that the status of elite warrior was viewed very favorably in Avalon. This finding gradually rise to a revaluation of the image of the warriortotem.