Auroch Rain-Dancer

Jul 16 alkemy_the_game  

I like the sound of the drum! In the melee, when you lose your senses in a tornado of colors and where you can not hear the beating of your own heart, regular singing the drum of rain repellent just guide you. He pushed the blood in your veins ardent gives you the passion of one who wants to overcome resentment and give you while you thought you discouraged. This music reminds me of my father’s voice: she encouraged me in all circumstances and carries me beyond my own limitations, leading me to victory. It does this effect to all the brave men of the tribe!

I watched the gestures of my tough opponent, striking size and thrusting, attentive to his every move. That’s when my train of thought was broken by the howl of a horn. Faith Gøtrik impossible to concentrate with all the hullabaloo that made it rain repellent! Distracted at the critical moment my attack resembled the gesticulations of a puppet. But the worst part was when he really had to let me parry: the horn tore my senses even as my sword was about to intercept the opponent’s shot. That day, I learned two things: that we live very well without right arm, but above all that rain repellent are wounds!

The rain repellent are primarily responsible for musicians play to push the clouds and guarantee a mild climate during the migrations of the tribes. These Aurloks have made themselves gradually essential to their people and they were able to find a use for their talents in unexpected implementation of land. Thus they found themselves playing during ritual ceremonies to attract the benevolence of the moguls. These are always members of the clan of Auroch, the social distribution of tasks leaving these powerful and enduring Aurloks the delicate task
play rhythmically for hours, what they do with enthusiasm.

The field of battle is no exception to this natural expansion of the role of rain repellent: on the battlefield, they relentlessly play their instruments to attract the benevolence of manitous of warriors, ayawigsi. More prosaically, the dull pace they produce plunges the brave warrior in a kind of trance, numbing fear and vibrating the heart, while distracting the enemy ranks with their deafening din. NonAurloks are indeed disturbed to the point of being hampered in their heated exchanges. In fact, the elimination of rain repellent often becomes a priority in battle, leaving a respite to the brave
which then have a strategic advantage over their opponents. The rain repellent are aware of being the priority targets and accept this role willingly, even if they are defending their skin dearly on these occasions!