Auroch Manitou-Warrior

Jul 17 alkemy_the_game  

Gzzzh wgabatah
What What blockhead says there?
I do not get a word c’qu’y says. And why is there a trunk drags with him?
Glue-sy a good shot of mass on the face, there no going to summon
But what did you do Y swells everywhere
? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Sometimes some Aurloks be able to hear the voice of the things of nature, but unlike shamans, they are unable to speak with them. Constantly harassed by these voices that do not seem to understand the lack of response to their statements, they may Aurloks madness if they are not supported by a shaman spirit that teaches them how to handle these crises in order to conduct an almost normal life. But when these Aurloks are in dangerous situations, voices suddenly overwhelm the mental barriers of this teaching. Especially the voice of his totem manifested then: Aurlok aware that this is especially receptive to its influence, the Manitou invests totally unhappy Aurlok which then becomes the receptacle carnal mind: a warrior-Manitou, the incarnation totem on the material world. Simple tool used by the mind, Aurlok becomes a ruthless warrior who empties the heart of the fighting in defiance of his own life. Only the strongest and the bravest survive such possession, but they are generally marked forever, especially since they are certain that this will happen again if another dangerous situation. Feared and revered by both brothers, they form a separate caste within their people, often kept away from others to their extreme dangerousness. Only shamans dare to approach them and bring them a little comfort, trying to guide them on the difficult path on which they have committed against their will.