Aurlok – List Blitz “discovery”

Aug 18 alkemy_the_game  

blitz-aurlok-découverteTecum’Seh, Toad Medicine Shaman, 1 Crow Thunder-Warrior, 1 Auroch Totem-Warrior, 1 Wolf Thunder-Warrior, 1 Auroch Rain-Dancer with Drums.
alternative: 1 Toad Hive-Throwers in place Auroch Rain-Dancer.
6 models – 6 profile cards

Some generalities:
This versatile enough list you will discover the faction of Aurlok playing style as “soft”. You will quite often outnumbered with 6 figures (this is often the case when playing with this faction). This is obviously outnumbered againstbalanced by figurines with relatively profiles beefy”.
Care should be taken not to over being overwhelmed side goals because the outnumbered the risk is to spend time to “gallop” in every sense … In addition, to complicate matters, the mobility of your figures is generally quite low (it is the other flaw of the faction, the Aurloks are not great runners). However, you can count on your Tecum’Seh hero who has her good movement; and on 3 AP (Action Points) Warrior Thunderbird Auroch that allow it to have a proper operating range.

Play list:
The presence of the Hunting-Rain with Drum makes the list more offensive, in fact it gives a bonus die for the fighting in melee to all your figurines to less than 6 inches. We must therefore try to place it in a “central” so that a maximum of your troops take advantage of this bonus. Ideally, you should place it on (or near) a goal.
The objectives precisely … With low overall displacement values, you can not afford too much chasing targets and enemy figures (especially in sub-number).
How so? Skip redundant (even “virtually”) -D
Virtually? Yes … imagine that with your warrior Auroch you go for a walk and then a load followed by a fight over an enemy model with 2 PA. If it defends itself, it will have no PA and your opponent will have one less figure to activate. And if the figure does not defend itself and merely a “Inactive”? Too bad for her 😉 . The warrior strike force Auroch risk most likely to put offside.

In short, try to hit the PA to mobilize the opponent if possible. Otherwise, work toward the elimination of an already activated figurine: certainly, the impact is zero for the current turn, but the next round will be fast there …
As soon as the “balance” is restored, we will have to monitor the objectives and even focus on it to make up for any delay. Your warrior thunder Raven moves quickly and has a good defense, you can send it to take to fix the objectives and opposing figures. Your warrior thunder-Loup and your warrior thunder Auroch will handle the response.
There are still two pieces in your device … The Shaman and your hero.
The Shaman is a support figure by both his skills and his alchemical formulas. He can absorb some of the damage with “Empathy” and treat your models with its formula “Kiss Walosi”. It will extend and lasting the life expectancy of your figurines, and there is nobody to care for, it can still go play goals.

Finally, your hero! It is quite unusual in Aurloks: Moving fast, Lengthens, big defense (But average damage.)
Do not expect him to inflict heavy damage but may inflict damage and weaken opponents with little risk through its Lie. If necessary, its mobility and 4 PA may allow him to take the objectives. You understood, it is a very versatile leader even though his strike force is not exceptional. It will often play a “lastto adapt to the opponent’s strategy.


  • Crow Thunder-Warrior: Mobile, good defense, has a Shooting (Javelin). Ideal to go forward opposing figurines fix or make a goal.
  • Wolf Thunder-Warrior: This is your hitter “basic”. A good score in combat and competence linking” make a fighter whose is wary.
  • Auroch Totem-Warrior: It is the centerpiece among your troops. A phenomenal firepower and 3 PA It may sometimes even have the luxury of playing the script: -D. Attention however a weak point: his defense It is virtually touching every time. Fortunately ability Tough” allows it to limit the damage taken. Ideally, the shaman had not too far And in this case, it will become the worst nightmare of your opponent.
  • Auroch Rain-Dancer with Drums: Support figurine, which can play goals A place in a “central” versus your troops.
  • Toad Medicine Shaman: This is the ambulance team: -D. His second offensive formula is not to be overlooked, but it will rather be “icing on the cake.”
  • Tecum’Seh: Your hero, quite versatile. It will adapt to the opposing strategy.


  • Toad Hive-Throwers: If you replace the Hunting-Rain by Lance Hives is that you have opted for a tactic of “control ground”. Indeed, you have three hives will allow you to force the opponent to cover the ground to avoid. If he chooses not to worry, his models are likely to come out weakened (ready to be greeted by your Loup and your Auroch).

Good game!