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Club(s) :
Club JDR and figurines of Bernay

Warfo, Alkemy, Warmania, forum Eden etc…

How did you discover Alkemy?
There is a year and a half. I had seen at the beginning of the game a few games, I found it very nice, but my young age and my investment in the Games Workshop games did not allow me to invest in a new game. Much later, I started looking for new games, and there BAM! This is the trigger, I was reminded of this game where the figurines were superb, with gameplay very sympa.Je cracks first for Khalimans but my friend who embarked on this new adventure I was finally forced to leave him in good gentleman. So I started with the aurlock, the Native American side really pleased me. And then I told my buddy Elethorn immediately succumbed to the charm of the triad, and we‘re off into a downward spiral. Since it has corrupted many people around us …

Army (s) played (s):
All. I started playing with aurlocks, then after a few games I got tired. A few months after I turned to Avalonniens, that really interested me, I’ve played a lot before the Blitz version Alkemy. Since I returned to my original heart stroke: the Khalimans. At this point I must confess that this is really my favorite faction, I take great pleasure to play and to paint. As for the Triad, it’s more for the beauty of figures than anything else, I’m not really fond of their playing style.

Character (s) favorite (s):
Dahlia. It’s a bit of a pariah among Khalimans, but I really like what it brings, its top will is quite dirty when properly used. In addition, the model is superb. Then I would say I love the Kabirsheik for his sculpture, because I have played too little. I also love Garlan because it rarely disappoints me.

Scenario (s) favorite (s):
Uh … a lot. If I had to point out two: The market of the horn and the lights of the city for their very fun side.

What you like about Alkemy?
Thinking, strategy, figurines, turning situations, fair play of the players.

Under what conditions do you play in Alkemy?
Very often in my apartment or that of friends. But also a little in my club. I try to play quite regularly, because I need my weekly dose figurine ..
What is your approach to painting miniatures?
I love to paint figurines, as well as playing, but I did not necessarily insane level, or even good, but I am confident to improve. I love Alkemy figs because they are pretty, easy to install and really fun to paint. I find most motivating figs to paint, and I do not remember having struggled to finish one of them.

Do you manufacture game boards or decorations?
Yes, I made game tables for the “blitz” format. I also made some decorations for the occasion. I’d like to do more production, but I already overloaded schedule by painting figures

What are your favorite Alkemy figures?
The Beastmaster and khergars the kabirsheik, the Templar, the retiarii, Camel and many others

Would you like to see in Alkemy?
The output of all profiles and especially ibrahim genesis and hidden profiles and other factions.

Would you like to add?
More players!