Alkemy to Tric Trac TV !

Aug 19 alkemy_the_game  

Tuesday, June 24, Nicoleblond went Tric Trac at present Alkemy. Doctor Mops asked questions galore. Alkemy, what is it? Who is it? How it is played? What for ? How? These questions and answers 3 video

Alkemy, what is it?


Alkemy, explanation


Alkemy 5 minutes after

This video is only available to those who purchase pouicos” but there are revelations in it worth its weight of just pouicos 🙂

The questions:

What are the next planned figures?
Will there be new factions?
What qualities of this game?
Have you planned to go through a crowfunding system?
When there is a character, there’s there any card against“?
Can you confirm that the different factions are always balanced?


Alkemy, le 5 minutes après