Alkemy, miniature game at the best price / quality ratio

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In early May, Alias has launched a subject on Warmania forum on various aspects around the miniatures games. More than 120 people responded and good news emerged: Alkemy comes in first to the price / quality ratio. An interesting survey on the practice of our hobby in which you have to necessarily.

Age: 57% of warmania people between 30 and 40 years. If we add 40+ (23%) we arrive at a total of 80% of warmaniens over 30 years. We are between old farts, here are sadly confirms.

Occupation: 42% of employees are warmaniens and 26% officials. The underrepresented categories are independent and students (logical for them given the average age of the forum). We also have some people saying exercising functions “responsibility” (Manager, SME manager, etc). The jobless rate is consistent with what can be found elsewhere (around 8%).

Education: 72% of warmaniens with higher education, we are in good company among educated people. Similarly, very little warmaniens have no tray (less than 5%). One can reasonably conclude that the miniature mainly attracts people with higher education. On a gaming forum, for example, I think the numbers would have been a little different.

And conjugal situation: warmanien like leg portions in the air and dwarf since warmanien two has already reproduced. 75% of couples are warmaniens so overall we can conclude that the love of miniature is not as prohibitive as you might think and the geek guriniste can find a shoe to fit the marital standard.

Leisure budget: the distribution is quite wide since a quarter of the approximately warmanien capped around € 50 / month (something tells me there are a lot of students in this figure there), another quarter turn between 50 and 100 € the third quarter between 100 and 150 € while the bourgeois of the last quarters amounted to more than € 150 / month for recreation. A warmanien 10 can even afford to blow more than € 250 in leisure each month. In short, a wide variety of profile and financial resources also allow understands that not everyone pays the same value to money. We understand better why some readily accept the high prices of certain products (GW but also KS) while others have more difficulty.

Miniature budget: again a very large dispersion of resources. For simplicity, we will say that:
– A three warmanien does not put more than 40 € / month in miniature. It’s quite little when you think about it: 4 resin pedestrians, a GW box or starter skirmish.
– A three warmanien spends between 40 and 100 € / month in miniature. When we think, a good KS 100 € per month there is very fast.
– A three warmanien can afford to blow between 100 and 200 € / month. It’s starting to do a lot of in anyway (here a year between 1200 and 2400 tape anyway).
– Only very few mental patients spend more than € 200 / month in miniature

Using miniatures: First, the warmanien buys miniature to paint! Then he admits that so lucid enough piles of miniature. Third, it plays but ultimately unless painted or piles.

GW games played (currently or in the past): the podium is composed as follows:
1 – W40K
2 – WHB
3 – Bloodbowl
4 – Space Hulk
5 – Necromunda
6 – Mordheim
7 – LotR
8 – Epic
9 – AoS
10 – BFG
11 – Warmaster
12 – Man O War

Only 3% of warmaniens have never played a GW play. A new proof of the place on the GW game with miniature market! Otherwise, the results are consistent with what might be expected: large machines in LotR head except that badly class for a core set of existing GW for 15 years (here gives an idea of the broth they be taken with this range anyway) followed mythical games GW (Bloodbowl, Space Hulk) and skirmish games. Aos gets a slap exceptional power for nearly a year after its release less than 5% of warmaniens gave him a chance! In other words, there are four times less warmaniens on AoS on WHB. You can not apply this result to the public at GW but even being nice and considering that non-warmamiens were twice as likely to embark on AoS, here still implies an estimate of a decline 50% of customers between AoS and WHB. Ouch!

40K Collection: Again, a large dispersion on this issue tr§s, probably linked to the financial resources and the people desires. No class really emerges but there is a tilting mechanism beyond the 500 miniatures:
No fig 40K: 18%
Less than 100 24%
100 to 200: 15%
200 to 300: 14%
300 to 400: 6%
400 to 500: 3%
500+ 20%

1 to 500 fig was an expected distribution with a majority having the equivalent of an army and percentages dwindling as you go up in volume figures. But at 500+ was FBDM a herd that has a large collection 40K, probably 3 armed and more.

WHB Collection: One finds a similar phenomenon to that observed on 40k but with more people who have no fig WHB.
No fig 40K: 27%
Less than 100 23%
100 to 200: 15%
200 to 300: 10%
300 to 400: 5%
400 and 500: 2%
500+: 19%

KS campaign: Only 1 of 5 warmanien never participated in a KS. There is evidence that the figurines on KS are THE big trend of the moment and every game creator / Gurine should seriously reflect this reality. In addition, almost one in three warmanien has already participated in more than 5 different KS. In short, KS, was not finished hearing about

Skirmish games: If you want to get in a game, here are those for which you can choose an opponent on Warmania (in order of results). Note that the top three Infinity / Eden / Alkemy clearly stands out from other games. If you want to get into the skirmish, take one of these three there 😉

(Confrontation) Well here saw the death of the game it’s just proof that is likely to be spent by Big R box;-)
– Infinity
– Eden
– Alkemy
– Hell Dorado
– Frostgrave
– Malifaux
Black Ops
– Batman

Besides these games, a multitude of other games skirmishes were occasionally cited as Anima Tactics, IHMN, Ronin, Deadzone, Relic Knight, Dystopian legion and many others. It can be concluded that the skirmish game is a big trend and that people have a little tired probably to € 500 for up to a 40k style army and prefer to invest smaller amounts on games also allow parties faster and requiring less time and less paint. Given the diversity of this, I‘d probably special survey skirmish later because there is room to dig the question in my opinion.

Mantic Games:
27% of respondents have never purchased product Mantic.
Among those who have purchased one or more Mantic products, it appears that the best selling products are among the KoW ranges (ahead), and Deadzone Dreadball (KS effect?). Mantic other products remain just ran and did not seem to excite the crowds. KoW, thecustomer recovery WHB” effects and “translation VF” seem undeniable. There is a year, I bet KoW would not have had the same score.

Spartan Games: while the company works very hard in the Anglophone world, one feels here that the lack of VF (ok there’s the trick of Ludopathes but here is limited) is paid to the community.
54% of warmaniens have never bought SG product.
Other, Dystopian Wars is well ahead while other SG products are fairly anecdotal.

Price / quality: the rank!
1: Alkemy! Franco-French by a small team of enthusiasts who tops! Happy for them, they deserve it widely.
2: KoW. Surprising because the game has just arrived in VF. True miniatures and rulebook are very accessible financially. When we sum this up the question “Mantic”, we realize clearly that KoW has enormous potential to bring together the players.
4: Eden
5: Infinity

Of the four first places, three trustees by small skirmish games requiring a moderate investment in equipment and miniatures. Are we to think that the era of big plays kinds WHB / 40K / KoW is over? KoW probably not. For 40K and WHB, here still feels fir within our community.

6: DW
7: Warpath
8: Firestorm Armada
9: 40K
10: WHB
11: AoS (with a score less than 2/5, the only game with a score below 2!)
even when we feel the rejection of GW’s flagship products and especially AoS who set beer by the community.

Warmania: people come for the atmosphere and news. A little to the matter peindouille too. A big kiss to the team Warmania because it is proof that you direct the forum all well as it should be because the public just for the atmosphere, it is far from clear on a forum!

Video games (have stamped it becomes long this post I have sore fingers).
Relatively few non-gamer (under 20%), which proves that the guriniste is often a geek broad backgrounds who dabbles in various aspects of geekere the XXI century.
Grosse dominance of the PC anyway and a scattering of customers on various machines console but with quite a few players on One and PS4, we feel that the new machines struggling to convince outside the hard-core gamers environments.