Alkemy Kickstarter, project is launched

Alkemy Kickstarter, project is launched

Sep 27 alkemy_the_game  

We have just launched a second kickstarter to fund a starter box for 2 players, with all it takes to play Alkemy Blitz: miniatures, game stuff, battlemat, scenery sets and scenario book.
Starter box for Alkemy, miniatures game

For those who already own the game, we offer new miniatures, starters (miniatures with game stuff) and / or blitz lists (miniatures without game stuff), and also the 10th anniversary miniature of the game sculpted by Allan Carrasco.

Starter Avalon for miniatures game Alkemy

blitz List khaliman for Alkemy Kickstarter

Special miniature 10th anniversary sculpted by Allan Carrasco

If you are not interested in the game, it is still possible to take the first contribution (€1) and select one or more miniatures, a battlemat, objective pwans, … The smallest contribution is invaluable to the success of this project. We need everyone, thanks to those who will support us 🙂
Spread the word very very loudly 🙂