Alchemist of the school of the long breath

Jul 22 alkemy_the_game  

I am the breath, the order of air, the promptness of the burst, wind power, the unstoppable force of the storm that suddenly rises when calm reigns. Only insignificant dare stand up against our Empire and I will use my science to sweep like mere twigs.

The alchemical school of the Long Sigh is by far the most popular of the Jade Triad and focuses on the military aspects of the mystical arts. Long Sigh is a lightning war that unleashes the alchemical forces of the Air over his enemies from the rear of the troops or a fortified promontory. Alchemy is his weapon and can scan the most presumptuous giants!
All alchemists Long Sigh know how to adapt to the rigors of war more easily than their peers from other nations. In addition to military preparedness, the most amazing aspect of the alchemists of the Long Sigh is their mastery of alchemy forces. Their protocols incorporate indeed support formulas that allow them to succeed mystical effects that would have failed in other circumstances. This control, however, has a price: increased consumption of alchemical stones.