Abdelan Ibn Malikh

Abdelan Ibn Malikh

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Abdelan Ibn Malikh is a Khaliman hero with a very specialized profile. In fact, pure support profiles in this faction are quite rare, and consist only of the unnamed alchemists – Sorhna Oracle and Sorhna Summoner. Abdelan Ibn Malikh is a dedicated support hero with unique capabilities in the game. Abdelan Ibn Malikh is indeed an anti-alchemist.

His first formula neutralizes any alchemical effects applied to friendly figures and enemies without undo damage and displacement by the formulas. The Khaliman player can counteract some of the effects of the most painful adverse formulas, such as the Avalonian Litany of Brambles or Jade Triad Blast of Wind. His second formula allows him to reuse enemy formulas for the same cost. Abdelan will however be concentrated regardless of the formula. With this second option, there is as much opportunity as adverse alchemist. It is thus possible to use defensive formulas from Avalon or powerful offensive formulas of the Jade Triad.

Of course, Abdelan Ibn Malikh also offers 4 Action Points (AP) for a low 39 points. His typically Khaliman profile (high Reflex, Defense and movement) makes him excellent at seizing objectives. In the absence of an alchemist in the opponent’s list, it is his best use. Of course even in the presence of an opposing alchemist, once the enemy formulas are blocked and / or employed by Abdelan Ibn Malikh, he can also take objectives once he has opened the field to his allies.

Sample list:
List 1: Abdelan Ibn Malikh, 1 Malikh Jaraya, 1 Malikh Tuareg, 2 Khalid Der’wish and 1 Ifrit SulemanQuaniss
List 2: Abdelan Ibn Malikh, 1 Malikh Meharist, 1 Malikh Tuareg , 1 Khalid Der’wish, 1 Malikh Venator  2 Desert Khergars

Abdelan Ibn Malikh is a hero with a unique utility. He either uses or neutralizes opposing alchemy, or takes objectives. In fact, without knowing the precise construction of the opposition’s list (presence of an alchemist or not), the Warband formed around Abdelan Ibn Malikh will need to be very versatile.
The above two lists have been created around this versatility. They can face any opponent and if in addition they can benefit from the opposing alchemists strength, their effectiveness will be even greater.


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